Heavy Meta

by Heavy Meta

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Connor Benson
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Connor Benson My brain went Botanical Pirates. That is all. Favorite track: Tendon Seas.
Adam Kuhn
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Adam Kuhn season to risk vibes for sure. got that heavy long and strong amphetamine reptile bass. thanks to starkweather for the recommend. Favorite track: Heavy Meat.
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released May 10, 2019

Music written by Phill | Arranged by Heavy Meta
Lyrics by Patrick | Synths by Phill | Bass synth/fx/
additional vox by Kishor | Engineered/mixed/
produced by Phill and Kishor | Artwork by Kishor

Mastered by Nick Zampiello, New Alliance East


all rights reserved



Heavy Meta Lowell, Massachusetts

Rich | Smash
Phill | Shred
Kishor | Big Shred
Patrick | Throat Rip

Cassette EP coming this May via Constant Disappointment Records!

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Track Name: Fly (on the wall of your skull)
To the void

To the nothingness
Holographic masquerade
Where is your darkness?

Do you have weaknesses?
Where's your Light?
Do you only cater to your strengths

Are you apocryphal?
Are you a sleeper cell?
Shall I compare thee
To the shallowest of graves

The Devil understands
Sorrow finding its way home again
Empty your unjust hands
Prey Mantis subsume

Marionettes we are mimicking dance
Ready to choke ourselves
With our own strings

To the emptiness

While I roam thwarted
By night's ambivalence
A sheisty set of circumstances

I wish it could go without saying
Advice given in fits of decisions
At them we roll our eyes
As we roll through the smoke and ashes

Seeing red
Seeing red again
Anger pausing time once more

Peacock posturing
Put the crack
In the abysmal wall

Without judgement
Where where would we be?
An empty set of consequences
Under a false veil of a phony success
Its the cruel nurture of Mother Nature
I say this sincerely death I do not fear

A forever without you is all I ever dread

The Devil understands
The pact he offers sounds so cozy
In the realm of infinite knowledge
Black Widow's Wisdom

To spit on my name
In the Book of Life
Chaotic Visions
Servitude no more...
Track Name: Heavy Meat
In life moss gathers on stones that lie
Use that as your novel's plot device
See the piece continues to write itself

All my life
On my own
Wait for death
The skull and the bones

Dropped into a nest of vipers
Serpents striking without empathy
Venom seeping into our veins
Their fangs show no sympathy
Suddenly it all becomes oh so clear
The hiss caught in the tangle
Coiling'round the Apple of Knowledge
Predicting the fate of the world

Carcasses we are and always will be
Defeats the purpose of feeling empty
By tapping into the social construct

White worms ruling the night sky
Desperate we cling to our brazen swords
I just want you to think big!
Henry! For Christ's sakes!
Xenophobic tentacles reach around
All around us the ashes of We
Wrapping'round the throats of mercy
Shaking you from your vegetable torpor

Silence met with praise!
Oh, you monster!
Master of the pox!

Locked in an endless cavity
Falling from grace like before
No longer can we turn our ears
From their malignant sounds

The fall...
Track Name: Tendon Seas
Swept through the waves
Villains for the seaward
Floating 'midst debris
Coffins covered in shapes
Saturated, watery doom
Contend with each coming swell

Drowning in a vacuum
Aquatic madness
Dragged down...
Lifeless corpses
Sucked into the fathoms
Our baptism
Call to the bottomless grave
'Tis our burial at sea

Accolades are washing away
I wish this was Kansas
Ode to our predecessors
Spout your soliloquies
This be the end of me
Or is it the end of thee?

I have this tendency
To take the opposition

'Tis not my fault they argue back
Stabbing the air with gestures
I know when I hear gobbledygook
Broken tongues and timid speech

She left me breathless
Writing these words
Writing with quills
Feathers of
Mourning Doves
Ink my blood
Words bleed in haste
This is my last poem:

She lies in a bed of lilies
My Coffin Queen
All light in life is dimmer
Now that the spark is gone
And my voice cannot say
Those words anymore
For they are decay
I am afraid
Track Name: Hell Hath
Bones of the bastard
Laid out like clothes the night before
Lucidity of life
The cruelest cost of thought
Prophets coming up with words
Profit from the world's guffaw
Who saves the drowning baby
When the baptism goes wrong?

Slithering the writhe
Fizzling the Devil's vibe

Drag them out!
Into the streets
By the glare of torches
You'll seize them!
Binding them with chains
They'll be begging to be captured
You'll find them tooth and nail
Underground and beneath
There's no escape
From the olfaction of hounds
They are out for the scent of Hell!

Whilst clawing at Death's door remember
The hall with the light on is the darkest
You may think you have already won
But you most certainly have lost

Subconsciously surrendering
To the shallow bearing, beating hearts
To the apparitions, to the faith of art
Nothing while everything just falls apart

For the funerals that go too long
The body's waited long enough
When all you do is respect wood
You only mourn the coffin

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